• SNOOKER by Zaneen // Prolicht
  • Box 2 LumenSafe Eaton
    Integrated Cameras
  • lightingsolutions_eaton connected
    Eaton Controls
  • 1800 Downlights by Eaton // Shaper
  • Feature Box Four Luceplan Acoustical
    Luceplan combines great acoustics and great lighting design
  • ARBOR0033 TWIN Spotlight 2 625x386
    Eaton's Invue Arbor
  • lightingsolutions_tech trends
    Tech Sets Trends For 2019
  • Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 2 44 56 PM
    SGM G4 Motorized Barn Doors
  • lightingsolutions_axis downlight
    Axis Now Offers Downlights!
  • Feature Box Two Element
    3” Next Generation Downlights
  • Feature Box Three Axis
    14 Calendar Days or Less!
  • Grid Task
    GM's Grid Task
  • Feature Box One iO CoviO
    A robust cove solution from iO!
  • LLI architectual curve
    LLI Architectural Curve
  • Box Two _ Eaton Mindful Design
    Mindful Design by Eaton
  • Box 4 Element Merge
    Element Merge Got Smaller to 1.5 inches!
  • Box 1 Luminis
    Luminis Expands Square Offering
  • Lumefficient LiFi
    LumEfficient LiFi
  • Box 3 Blackjack
    Blackjack’s Quatro Custom System
  • Eaton Connectedlighting Overview
    Eaton ConnectedLighting Overview
Action with Lighting_Final-D

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